Modern Day PSNI-UDA Collusion exposed in South Belfast

The following statement has came from Belfast Housing Activist and IRSP representative for North Belfast, Tarlach Mac Dhónaill.

“I was contacted yesterday by destressed friends of a Dublin woman who has lived in Finaghy for the last number of years. 

The woman’s friends informed me of an assault and immediate threat to property. I  contacted the victim to ascertain facts and assist.I learned that  last week a dispute arose between members of the UDA and children associated to the victims property. 

The UDA ordered the victim to facilitate a punishment attack on one of these Catholic children. The victim refused and instead reported the approach to the PSNI.

Yesterday afternoon a gang of UDA thugs arrived at the woman’s home and proceeded to assault her. The PSNI then attended the scene, took statements and provided crime reference numbers.

However, before they left in very sinister turn of events, they switched off their body cameras and advised the woman against pursuing charges in relation to the assault. 

We find this concerning considering present feelings around loyalism and it’s relationship to members of the PSNI. 

Today the victim was contacted by PSNI members who told her she was now under UDA death threat and had 24 hours to evacuate her home. This woman has not committed any wrong doing. Her alleged crime is refusing to permit child abuse. Any right minded person would applaud the woman’s courage indeed only the criminally insane would seek to harm her for displaying such courage. 

At this stage I am now actively assisting the woman in her urgent housing needs to be safely relocated.”