NEW BARNSLEY (West Belfast) Declares for a Border Poll. 83%

IRSP ‘Yes for Unity’ activists today canvassed the New Barnsely housing estate to garner peoples opinions on how they would vote in a future border poll or referendum on Irish Unity. Some great debate and discussion on the doorsteps around Socialism, Brexit and the EU. Every home canvassed 83% of households declared they would pro-actively support a ‘Yes’ vote in a future poll to end the partition of Ireland.

YES For Unity is a campaign currently growing in momentum with public meetings across the island. YES For Unity activists are also hitting the streets bringing the “Border Poll” to peoples front doors, putting up posters and bill boards and much more. YES For Unity are asking republicans and socialists from each of the 32 Counties to join with us as we continue to build a grass roots movement that can deliver an end to partition while building socialism.

Contact us on [email protected] to get involved in the YES For Unity campaign in your area.