IRSP News Years Statement 2015


The Irish Republican Socialist Party sends New Year gestures of comradeship and solidarity to all of our members, our imprisoned comrades and supporters across Ireland and the world.


As we await what promises to be a year of vital importance to the struggle for the emancipation of our people and class, we look forward to working with you all over the coming twelve months, anticipating and predicting further consolidation and advancement of the Irish Republican Socialist agenda in 2015.


In recent times we have initiated a process of consolidation and re-activation of party structures nationwide, aware that ours is the movement which kept the flame of principled working class struggle alive in Ireland throughout many dark and dangerous decades. It is inconceivable to us that the class struggle which our people face today could be fought without significant principled input from the IRSP, and as such we fully intend to continue building the party of Connolly in the year 2015.


We acknowledge the immeasurable hard work and sacrifice that has gone into sustaining and developing every branch of our movement, we thank each and every comrade who has played even the smallest part in this. We also take this opportunity to pay particular tribute to the Irish National Liberation Army, who along with articulating and maintaining an ideologically sound military position, have again steadfastly stood by the political analysis of the IRSP in recent years.


As we approach the immensely significant anniversary of Easter 1916, we thank the INLA for their continued endorsement of our party’s revolutionary agenda.
You have maintained the principles, spirit and legacy of the Citizens Army, with a great deal of sacrifice and against herculean odds; an achievement which will be publically acknowledged by our party as we take our place with the many others to celebrate the anniversary of 1916.


The island is changing slowly, the once thought irreproachable social and political economic ideological pillars, which the Irish Free State capitalist establishment, and its political class, have built their cleptocracy upon; are beginning to be questioned with greater frequency and on a grander scale.


This must be recognised as a time of pivotal importance and potential for Republican Socialism. Our role in these times is to assist the working class in the process of empowerment and struggle, as far as the IRSP are concerned this is our foremost aim.


We caution that any party or movement who would seek to capitalise on the new social momentum – solely in order to build their own profile – should beware of the destructive affect any such manoeuvring will have upon the Irish class struggle. We propose genuine Revolutionary unity such as which can be built only on mutual respect and transparency.
Any process lacking these basic components is not unity at all and is in fact doomed to failure. Our people deserve better than that, we are confident they will get better than that.


Likewise, British occupied Ireland is on the verge of a fresh class awakening. Former anti-imperialist revolutionaries – now administering colonial rule – have found themselves on the wrong side in the class war. Sharing power with a right wing sectarian and fundamentalist religious cult, hand in hand we see them administering anti-working class neoliberal economic policy.


In both Stormont and Leinster house, they have thrown our most vulnerable to the wolves.


Yet we now have the potential, to use the current political environment in order to break down the old sectarian enmities which our national and class enemies have encouraged and relied on to keep our people in a state of subjection and poverty. It is the intention of the IRSP to make progress in this area also.


Arming our communities with the information they need to successfully combat the right wing agenda being espoused by Stormont and Leinster House, is paramount to the IRSP in 2015. Our revolutionary ideology is the most potent weapon in our arsenal and we must utilise it to convince our communities of the republican socialist alternative, so once again they – the masses- can be part of the struggle for national liberation and socialism in Ireland.


We take this opportunity to categorically state once again. There is no parliamentary road to socialism, because socialism cannot be created by seizing the bourgeois state apparatus. Nor is there an exclusively armed militaristic road to socialism nor Irish Freedom of any form, because social revolution requires the active participation of the masses; and therefore a socialist republic can only be established through the mass revolutionary actions of the working class.


While the IRSP recognises the right of the Irish working class to engage in whatever form of struggle it deems appropriate. We must beware of those who shirk from one of the main pillars of republican socialism, the complete and total obliteration of capitalism.


As our class becomes open to alternative methods for organising society the IRSP intends to use 2015 to develop, publish and articulate our vision of a united, socialist, secular, sustainable and stable republic. We must strive to convince the people of the merits in our political programme.


An Irish Workers Republic must be transferred from the pages of our policy into the consciousness of our class; this is our central task in the coming year.


The Republican Socialist tendency must dispel the myth that representative democracy, a system which inevitably leads to cleptocracey, is a concept that is truly of the people. Electing politicians once every four years to think and make decisions on behalf of the people is the antithesis of real democracy. Only an Irish workers democratic system with the full participation of the people, with workers control over its combined legislative, executive and judiciary systems, can we hope to “cherish all of the children of the nation equally”, a concept which shall not be reduced to a sound bite, in 2015.