Over 100 PSNI Sexual Misconduct Cases – IRSP Demand Answers.


It has been revealed that the PSNI is yet to internally deal with 74 sexual misconduct cases involving its members, this comes off the back of 32 PSNI members recently suspended due to allegations of sexual misconduct. 

IRSP representative for the Lower Falls Michael Kelly has said, “Serious questions need asked as to what is being done to safeguard our communities from the PSNI, who appear to have a major internal issue with sexual misconduct within its ranks. These are people who on a daily basis are interacting with minors in our community, some of which are vulnerable.”

This afternoon, a man was charged for sharing images of scenes involving members of the community who were found dead. These images were taken by PSNI members and shared on social media to troll victims families. 

IRSP West Belfast representatives Michael Kelly (right) and Dan Murphy (left)

Mid Falls representative Dan Murphy has said, “A number of people in the community have raised these concerns to me. These PSNI members are in our schools, youth clubs and at times rummaging in our homes, homes that contain possessions of young children. It appears to me, that the PSNI are now forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel with their recruitment and now sexual predators and perverts are openly allowed within their ranks. Those who facilitate this organisation into our community, are they holding these people to account and what are they doing to safeguard vulnerable people?”