Portlaoise Republican Socialist Prisoners Easter Statement

Comrades, as we commemorate the Easter Rising of 1916 we, The Republican Socialist Prisoners presently incarcerated in Portlaoise Gaol send our heartfelt greetings to the Comrades and supporters who have gathered today behind the banner of the Republican Socialist Movement.

The idealism, courage, resistance and sacrifice of the Patriots of 1916 has been inspirational for generations of Irishmen and Irishwomen in the struggle for National Liberation and the establishment of an Irish Republic worthy of that sacrifice.

For nearly 100 years since then successive, pitiful but vindictive regimes on our Island, both North and South, have trampled on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the people. As outlined in the Easter Proclamation, under the guise of their so called democracy, these regimes have overseen decades of corruption, repression, abuse, ineptitude and criminality in their quest to attain and retain power.

The interests of the Irish people in the areas of Housing, Health, Industry, Education, Agriculture and Finance have been detrimentally ignored in favour of the interests of Banks, Merchant Princes, and Speculators.

Under the Political and Economic circumstances that prevail at this time, it is not always easy to remain optimistic.
As we witness another cycle of emigration in our society, separating families and loved ones with continuous attacks on the living standards of Working Class people, we have no alternative but to organise and defend ourselves against these attacks.
Nearly 40 years ago when our Movement was first founded, the Political message of the Republican Socialist Movement struck fear into the hearts of both the Northern and Southern establishments. Hugh State resources were utilised in an effort to crush and destroy us. Unfortunately for them, they did not succeed.

Today we remain true to the founding principles of our Movement and our Political message remains undiluted. Beír Bua

Republican Socialist Political Prisoners
E4 Portlaoise Prison.