Pro-GFA Provisional republicans were given immunity. IRSP.

Speaking on behalf of the Irish Republican Socialist Party Ard Comhairle, Michael McLaughlin commenting on the latest revelations regarding the “On the Runs” said; “The murky back room deal between republican “OTRs” loyal to the Sinn Fein leadership and British establishment sums up the squalid nature of how society currently deals with the legacy of the war. No attempts have been made to inclusively deal with the “OTRs”, Loyalist or Republican, and until such a time we collectively and sincerely find an independent non-party political approach we are doomed to repeat the cycle of mistrust and instability.”

He went on “Everyone and their dog knew full well that Provisional republicans were given immunity whilst republicans not loyal to Sinn Fein were hounded from pillar to post by the British and we’ve had many situations recently when clearly political motivated prosecutions have been instigated against those opposed to Sinn Fein. No republican loyal to the Republican Socialist Movement received these letters”

He continued “A key factor in the debate we need to collectively have is on the powers British intelligence agencies have and their control over all aspects of all political institutions. Faceless intelligence operative can sit in Palace Barracks and determine which combatant and from which political tradition to prosecute.”

Concluding Mr McLaughlin said “Because the current approach to the legacy of the past is not independent or transparent it allows these murky intelligence forces to continue to use issues like “OTRs” as political weapons within all the current institutions of Stormont.”