PSNI Not Changed – IRSP

The Alex Patterson and James McPhilemy Cumman of Strabane IRSP have been inundated with complaints from residents in relation to the heavy handed and provocative behavior of the PSNI in most areas of Strabane over the last week.

Despite cosmetic changes in policing in the North and the charm offensive by community liaison PSNI officers a cursory look at the actions of the PSNI in Strabane last week ,and overall, clearly shows that policing has not changed one iota.

The PSNI remain a heavily armed entity that has introduced CS Gas Spray, unscrupulously use Plastic Bullets, updated its intelligence gathering capabilities and misuse the stop and search powers, which were deemed illegal under European Law, on an almost daily basis. In one such incident young members of the IRSP were stopped and searched on their way to the Brendan Lillis freedom camp at the Tinnies in Strabane. The PSNI, on every level, are an extension of MI5 and work ultimately for British interests in Ireland.

The actions of the PSNI in recent days is no surprise, they are only doing what they have been doing for years in one guise or another. Honeyed words from district commanders and their cheer leaders in the DPPs cannot hide these facts, every so often the mask slips and their true nature is exposed.