PSNI/RUC Harass County Down IRSP Member!

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in County Down condemns the recent intimidation of one of our comrades in the area.

On Friday past the 27th of July at around Lunch time, two men dressed in suits etc called to the home of IRSP member Sean Murray, they asked could they come in for a moment as they believed he could help them with a line of enquiry they were currently pursuing, they showed ID and stated they were from Police Headquarters.


Sean allowed them into his hall way were he asked them what exactly was the line of enquiry [Sean believed it may have been about his teenage son] they explained that they believed Sean could help them gain an in-sight into ‘Dissident Republican ‘ activity at this point Sean asked them in no uncertain terms to leave, and not to return.

They had entered the estate on foot, leaving by entering a cul-d-sac facing Sean’s house which has only one entrance in and out Sean and his wife seen a car driving out at speed with a taxi sign on the roof!

On-going Campaign of Harassment!

Sean has been suffering a campaign of harassment for about 2 years now, police have been sitting out side his home beeping their horns, flashing lights, shouting out of vehicles’ at him and his wife, and more sinister taking pictures of the front of his family home late at night.

Paul Little speaking on behalf of the IRSP Ard Comhairle demanded that the harassment of Sean Murray ceases immediately, Sean has reported the matter to his solicitor and will be making a complaint to the police ombudsman.

Political policing of this nature demonstrates that there is no difference between the RUC and PSNI, both prey on those whom they deem vulnerable.

The IRSP are a legitimate and legal political party, our membership engages in legitimate political activity for and with the working class. We view such events as a clumsy attempt by the state to demonise and marginalise republican socialism. The IRSP will continue to agitate and the PSNI/RUC will fail.