Repatriate Michael Campbell protest O’Connell Bridge Dublin.

The IRSP will be holding a White-Line protest on O’Connell Bridge in Dublin on Saturday 24th of August at 2pm to highlight the human rights abuses being suffered by Republican political prisoner Michael Campbell.

Tommy Kelly of Dublin IRSP continues “The conditions of Michael Campbell’s inhumane incarceration in Lithuania are cause for concern for anyone interested in basic human rights. The great and the good can hypocritically lecture Republicans on the use of violence, they can speak until they are blue in the face about how it is morally wrong, but when it suits them they will, in a heartbeat, use physical force and torture against Republicans as Michaels plight proves.”

Mr Kelly finishes “It’s important that Republicans do not let the Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign be further marginalised by the mainstream media. Republicanism needs to write Michael’s narrative, we need to help those who have been hard at work raising Michael Campbell’s case over the last few years continue to build and expand. We have to show the establishment that they cannot continue to abuse the human rights of political prisoners unopposed.”