Republican Socialists force Derry Capita Office to Close!

The Irish Republican Socialist Party & the 32 County Sovereignty Movement were joined by community groups and residents today outside the Capita offices in Derry, protesting at the ongoing implementation of Tory/Stormont Welfare reform that continues to wreak economic chaos on working class people across the North of Ireland.

Capita who are a private profit making organisation were assigned by the Tory government following the approval by Sinn Féin, DUP and the Alliance Party to implement welfare reform and in particular facilitate the changing of the DLA payment to the new PIP system. Under this new system unqualified medical assessors provided by Capita are being allowed to make life-changing decisions forcing people into economic misery, homelessness, death & suicide. 

These protests and forced closures of this office of death will continue until Capita are forced to stop their Tory/Stormont campaign of Terror against our most vulnerable people.

Derry-Strabane Councillor Warren Robinson speaking outside the office today