Ronnie Bunting & Noel Little Remembered

Today, on the 40th anniversary of their assassination we remember Ronnie Bunting and Noel Little.

Ronnie, from a Unionist family was a founding member of the IRSP and chief of staff of the Irish National Liberation Army.

Noel, a leading figure in the civil rights movement since the 1960s, was an IRSP member and volunteer in the Irish National Liberation Army.

Both were leading figures of the anti H-Block campaign at the time of their deaths.

In the early hours of the 15th October, British death squads entered the home of Ronnie; assassinating both Ronnie & Noel.

While the killing was claimed by the UDA at the time, it is widely believed through eyewitnesses that the SAS were involved on the direct orders of Margaret Thatcher who had a personal agenda to smash the IRSP/INLA and in particularly to kill Ronnie.

Both died as they lived. Dedicated Republican Socialists, who will be remembered with honour and pride.

The IRSP again would like to take this opportunity to extend our support to the families of both Ronnie & Noel in their quest for justice and truth about the killings of their loved ones.