RSYM Commends the People of Ardoyne

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement commends the People of Ardoyne

On Monday the 13th of July once again the seal of British normalization was once again broken by the people of the occupied six counties last night.
In area’s such as Ardoyne, Rasharkin, Derry and Armagh the people of these area’s against the face of armed RUC/PSNI members, resisted the occupation of these area’s.
The Republican Socialist Youth Movement commends the people of these area’s for their resistance against attack from numerous elements of the communities of the occupied six counties, including the armed wing of the British state the RUC/PSNI and elements within loyalism.
The Republican Socialist Youth Movement activists from Belfast were on the ground in Ardoyne last night when the events unfolded.
First a Ardoyne residents protest against an Orange Order parade through Ardoyne was attacked by the RUC/PSNI when the protest began to maneuver to its position in Ardoyne, these actions by the RUC/PSNI angered the people of Ardoyne.
Around six o’clock before the loyalist parade had entered Ardoyne on its second run, the RUC/PSNI were attacked by youths from Ardoyne with numerous missiles, the violence continued from youths from that time on, violent reaction began by the RUC/PSNI with its various baton charges, input of water cannons and the firing of plastic bullets on the residents who where present in this situation.
In defiance of these heavy handed tactics and occupation of Ardoyne, the people of Ardoyne resisted all these attempts by RUC/PSNI.
The Republican Socialist Youth Movement commends all those in Ardoyne last night who stood in resistance against the occupation of Ardoyne by the British state’s paramilitary the RUC/PSNI and the provocative and sectarian marches the RUC/PSNI protect and force through Nationalist area’s.

A Republican Socialist Youth Movement spokesperson Matthew Quinn commented on the events in Ardoyne last night.

”The Ardoyne people over numerous years have felt the full brunt of RUC/PSNI invasions, attacks from loyalism and the killing of people from Ardoyne by British run organizations, the people have simply sent out a message, that Loyalist parading is not welcome in Ardoyne and neither is the RUC/PSNI British paramilitary police.”
” The Republican Socialist Youth Movement call on leaders of the Protestant/Unionist communities to get real and cease these sectarian marches through Nationalist communities and also the Republican Socialist Youth Movement would like to send a clear cut message to the RUC/PSNI and its British masters, last night you were seen for what you really are, the face of the British occupation in Ireland.”

Republican Socialist Youth Movement
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