Starry Plough Out Now!

The Starry Plough magazine is the organ of the Irish Republican Socialist Party. The aim of this publication is to assist and develop republican socialist ideas as well as to create debate. This is your magazine. We constantly require input from our supporters. If you can contribute articles, photos, drawings, information on potential bookshops or stockists or anything else that you feel will help this project then please get in touch with us.

This magazine is put together by a volunteer collective of activists and is paid for only by donations, subscriptions and sales. We have no corporate backing nor do we want any.

We aim to produce the Starry Plough in this format as a quarterly publication to provide a republican socialist perspective that’s not normally covered in other papers. We welcome contributions form all our readers that will further the objectives of republican socialism.

Contact the Starry Plough at [email protected]


New Starry Plough Magazine available in N America through the IRSCNA

Copies of the new Starry Plough Magazine are available now by contacting the IRSCNA. We only have a limited number, so order soon to get yours.

The magazine is focused on theory and developing republican socialist ideas rather than news content. The magazine includes articles on working class power, republican unity, Marx vindicated, the Cuban Revolution, analysis of the US election, the bankers bailout and more.

Copies are $5 (total price- including s/h) each. Please send funds via paypal to [email protected]. Otherwise email [email protected] to place an order.

The Starry Plough is online at: