Welcome home Liam Campbell. Get MI5 out of Ireland 


The IRSP are both delighted and relieved at the news that lifelong patriot and working man Liam Campbell has been returned to Ireland from Lithuania following the sham legal pursuit, arrest and extradition which saw him pursued at the behest of MI5 spooks for over a decade.

His swift return is evidence that there was no evidence to convict him and that the 13 year long pursuit was no more than an exercise in disruption.

The IRSP campaigned to prevent Liam’s Extradition from the outset and now re-iterate our total opposition and disgust at the abuse by MI5/PSNI of the legal system as a means to disrupt the personal and family lives of Irish Republicans.

Ireland has had enough of MI5’S antics. The Irish people are tired of those who tolerate the lead role which MI5 plays in Policing in the north and we condemn those who turn a blind eye to this fact.

The days of British MI5 Agents scurrying around Ireland to record the thoughts of Irishmen to put them away must now be consigned to the past.

Welcome home Liam Campbell.