Winter Remembrance For Belfast Families & Friends of the IRSM Fallen

Families, friends and comrades from the Belfast area gathered today at Milltown Cemetery to remember those who gave their lives for a 32 county Socialist Ireland.  Proceedings began at the main County Antrim memorial with a short speech and a wreath laying on behalf of the INLA and IRSP.

The family, friends and comrades then visited the grave of Staff Officer Danny Loughran of the Peoples Liberation Army (an early cover name for the INLA) who gave his life defending his comrades during a vicious period of pogroms against the nascent Irish Republican Socialist Movement by the Official IRA counter revolutionaries.

The formal day of remembrance ended with a visit to the new County Antrim IRSM plot where INLA volunteer Patrick Campbell, who gave his young life defending his comrades during an attack by armed criminals in Dublin on 10 October, 1999, is laid.  Also interred in the new plot is IRSP comrade Sean ‘Shando’ Fleming who sadly died last year on 19 September, 2012.

Families, friends and comrades of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement took the opportunity, once the formal remembrance ceremony was over, to privately visit the graves of fallen comrades they were closely related to or were particularly close to in the fight for national liberation and an Irish Workers Republic.  The struggle for a united Socialist Ireland will continue armed or unarmed for as long as the Starry Plough can be viewed in the night sky and beyond.

Saoirse go deo!

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