IRSP to send delegation to Brittany for launch of referendum campaign & gathering of socialist separatists

The Irish Republican Socialist Party are sending a delegation to a mass gathering of European left separatist organisations currently pushing for independence referenda in their own respective oppressed nations.

Pro-independence separatist Socialist and cultural organisations from the Basque country, Catalunya and the Celtic nation of Britanny along with the Kanak peoples who are the indigenous Melanesian inhabitants of the French colony of New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific are gathering in the City of Nantes this weekend to participate in a mass rally calling for an independence referendum on behalf of the Breton nation which itself has a long history of struggling for its own independence from the French state.

The rally will occur on the first anniversary of the now iconic Catalonian independence referendum which was effectively crushed by Spanish Police and state forces last year having been declared illegal by the Madrid government.

The IRSP have been invited to attend and speak by the Breton left wing separatist organisation ‘Breizhistance’ who are hosting a mass meeting to be addressed by former Member of the Catalonian Parliament Isabel Vallet who will share her experiences of her own countries referendum along with Ciarán Cunningham, author of the IRSP’s recently released ‘Britain Out of Ireland/Ireland out of the EU’ position paper, which proposes building support for a Border Poll here while also stressing the importance of securing Ireland’s exit from the European Union, as an essential step in building Socialism within a future United Ireland.

Also attending will be the IRSP’s International Officer Sean Carlin who stated… ‘Our parties outlook in terms of a Border Poll here is unique in that we are not basing calls for a referendum on opposition to Brexit, in fact we see Ireland’s continued membership of the EU as a serious barrier to achieving true Irish Freedom and Socialism’.

Carlin continued…

‘Much of the European separatist left have recognised the merits in our position having read our document, they want us to explain further the IRSP’s uniquely Socialist approach to a border poll in Ireland, in return they intend to travel here and explain the reality behind their own struggles’.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP Ard Comhairle (national executive) will also take part in the delegation.

“Since 1974 the IRSP have been advocates of all oppressed peoples struggles for national self-determination and socialism. We recognize that the international struggle for self-determination and socialism has evolved from armed struggle to mass national movements for referendums to end our occupations by imperialist powers.”

“The IRSP engage in all opportunities to articulate our current position on delivering an Irish socialist republic and how we can learn from each other. All our struggles for national liberation and socialism have evolved into a new era in which we can hope to peacefully and collectively build the mass national movements with international solidarity that cannot be defeated.”

Mr McLaughlin continues

“The IRSP totally support Breton national liberation and socialism and we will be sending a delegation to the event in Brittany with the hopes of building relationships with other left wing referendum movements for independence all across Europe and strengthening the ties between Brittanny and Ireland. “

Mr McLaughlin finishes

“The IRSP welcome this initiative and feel that only positive things can emerge from sharing experience, tactics, and strategy. We hope to build long lasting relationships with other republican and socialist comrades building mass support for national self-determination referendums in Europe and across the world.”

The policy document outlining the IRSP’s position on a Border Poll and an Irish exit from the EU can be downloaded for free from their party website or alternatively, copies can be obtained from Costello House, 392 Falls Road.