‘INLA criminality’. Black Operations exposed by the courts. IRSP urge Vigilance

On Sunday 30th September, the PSNI’s ‘Paramilitary Crime Task Force’ arrested four individuals in a coordinated operation while claiming to be combatting “the activities of the Belfast INLA”.

During a follow-up house raid in Divis they appear to have discovered a large quantity of Cocaine.

Not for the first time, high-profile Police press releases assured that a banner headline of “INLA criminality” would appear prominently in the press, traditionally such media speculation has placed pressure upon the Irish Republican Socialist Party and has no doubt compromised our credibility in the eyes of the community.

From the outset, the IRSP wishes to confirm that the individual charged with possession of Cocaine is not a Republican Socialist, nor is he connected to the IRSP, in fact he is not linked to Republican Socialism in any capacity.

We have also established that the Cocaine and the Firearm recovered in fact belong to a major drug dealer based in the lower Falls Road area.

In what can only be described as a ‘Black Operation’ style manoeuvre however, the PSNI simultaneously arrested and placed separate sham charges against both the aforementioned man and two other individuals, neither of whom were connected in any way to the seizure of any drugs or firearm.

This sham charge was today declared unfit by District Judge Fiona Bagnall citing an absence of any form of evidence resulting in the unconditional release from the dock of the two individuals concerned, a highly unusual sequence of events.

The IRSP are now confident that the PSNI (directed by MI5) attempted to abuse the Judicial process in order to promote a ‘shock/horror’ headline designed to provoke public disgust and marginalise Republican Socialism in Belfast and beyond, a pattern which fits the modus operandi of previous operations in Belfast, Derry and elsewhere.

By evoking a sham charge alongside a genuine pre-planned anti-drug operation, the PSNI succeeded in dragging two innocent unconnected individuals into the dock alongside a person charged with possession of Cocaine, no doubt relying on a compliant media and Judiciary to carry through with their attempt to publicly blacken Republican Socialism and the IRSP.

Unfortunately for the PSNI/MI5, District Judge Bagnal (in exercising professional freedom of thought and initiative) has called time on this clear Black Operation, casting serious doubt upon the motivations and tactics of the PSNI’s so called ‘National Crime Agency’ and raising further questions as to previous high-profile arrest and detention operations which have targeted our members and party Headquarters in the recent past.

The IRSP have in recent times restructured and reorganised, and with no small degree of success have launched a series of political initiatives at both a local, national and international level.

It is our firm belief that British Military Intelligence now wish to thwart and hamper this political growth by pursuing a campaign of directed criminalisation against Republican Socialist supporters at a street level.

The PSNI (acting under the Direct orders of MI5) pursued sham charges against innocent members of the community in what is both an appalling abuse of process and a text book example of politically motivated British policing.

We note that various press agencies have now taken offline, articles which were built around the original ‘INLA criminality’ PSNI press release, we urge the wider community to remain vigilant in the face of such Black Operations by British Military Intelligence and the so called ‘National Crime Agency’ and again call upon conscientious politicians to withdraw support for this force which is very clearly unaccountable and blatantly politically motivated.