Anti Political Policing Protest Strabane, PPSÉ


Páirtí Poblachtach Sóisialach na hÉireann, An Srath Bán along with the 1916 Societies, 32 County Sovereignty Movement and independent republicans took to the streets opposing increased levels of raids on republican homes and an upsurge in stop and search tactics.

Michael McLaughlin of IRSP an tSratha Báin said “The British establishment in Ireland continue to target and harass Irish Republican political activists daily. We are 15 years since the ceasefire yet their MI5 inspired strategy of intimidation continues. Irish Republicanism has been humiliated by the Good Friday Agreement and the continued occupation of Ireland. Those of us who politically oppose the puppet assembly at Stormont are being pursued, victimised, jailed and harassed we have bended the knee in hope of a better way to continue the struggle yet the British continue to oppress political dissent by physical force.”

Mr McLaughlin continues “For Republicans the PSNI can never be accepted as a legitimate and fully representational police service purely because they are the physical manifestation of the British occupation. They serve the English Queen, not the people. They uphold British parliamentarian law in this land. They enforce British rule in our island. The PSNI, like any other police force in the capitalist world, protects property and the interests of the state before the people and act as an instrument of the ruling class.”

Mr McLaughlin finished “It’s important that we do not let MI5 and the PSNI isolate and marginalise contemporary republican socialism, our ideology remains the most potent weapon we could ever wish to possess and we will continue to use it in our struggle for National Liberation and Socialism.”