Mobilise against Imperialism, PPSÉ

An PPSÉ (Páirtí Poblachtach Sóisalach na h-Éireann) Ard Comhairle member Aisling Nic Giolla Rua calls for a broad front anti-Imperialist mobilisation of all progressive revolutionary elements of the Irish Left in Enniskillen on Monday 17th of June.

“Uniting to oppose the gathering of G8 Imperialist powers on occupied Irish soil should be the rallying cry for the IRSP and resurgent Left Republicanism. We recognise that British and European Union Imperialist interference in Ireland continues to be the most immediate obstacle confronting the Irish working class in our struggle for democracy, national liberation and socialism so the irony of holding the G8 summit in an occupied territory is not lost on us at all. We must mobilise to oppose the G8 but also to destroy the establishment’s narrative that occupied Ireland is a normal society. ”

Miss Nic Giolla Rua continues “The G8 summit allows Imperialism to collectively strategise the continued marginalisation of the global working class agenda, the meeting in Enniskillen is a critical element in this. At the G8 meeting these Imperialist powers will plan their continued resource grab from oppressed nations, nations from which they will extract vast sums of capital, cheap labour and natural resources for the selfish betterment of those few who sit at the top of the crony and corrupt market capitalist system. The G8 will plan their continued exploitation of the underdeveloped world while enforcing the narrative that austerity is the only answer to alleviate the problems of our class in the west, these injustices cannot be allowed to be planned unopposed.”

Miss Nic Giolla Rua finishes “The Irish anti-Imperialist front has to mobilise for this event, the G8 summit is being billed by the establishment as a defining moment in the normalisation of occupied Ireland lets show the world that although the tactics of the Irish national liberation struggle for socialism have changed the determination and spirit of resistance remains.”