A Belfast court today stopped in its tracks a legal challenge to the British Government’s ban on Russian broadcaster Russia Today ‘RT’ in a move that suggests that courts (far from being independent) are hand in glove with Whitehall when it comes to censoring the Russian perspective on NATO’s war of expansion in Ukraine. A gross breach of Britain’s so called constitutional freedoms.

IRSP activist Sean Carlin had launched Judicial Review proceedings following the decision by media regulator ‘Ofcom’ in March to revoke RTs broadcast licence, only days after appeals by both Labour and Tory leaders in the House of Commons. Making a mockery of Ofcom’s claims to be Independent and ensuring that the public here can only listen to state drafted narrative on events in Ukraine as spoon fed to them by pro NATO broadcasters such as BBC.

Key to Sean’s challenge was his claim that Ofcom’s supposed independence had been breached. That they had bowed to pressure from the government to ban Russian media here, and that as a result the people were being ‘infantilised’, not trusted to hear both sides to the story.
Prior to the launching of Judicial Action Sean stated. ‘The British government through Ofcom have essentially treated the entire population of Britain and Ireland like children. They have said, ‘you cant be trusted to listen to a Russian account of events, therefore we are only going to spoon feed your our account’.


At Belfast Judicial Review court today however, a Judge dismissed Sean’s challenge by unbelievably suggesting that the government’s appeal for Ofcom to ban Russia Today, in fact had no bearing on Ofcom’s decision to ban Russia Today. This despite of the fact the plea by British government minister Nadine Dories made national and international news, with Ofcom dutifully obliging only days later.
The threat of Nuclear Destruction
Speaking after todays dismissal Sean Carlin stated.
“Today’s decision shows a worrying lack of independence between the courts and the decisions of the British Government. Far from being independent it seems that Judges are hand in glove with British ministers when it comes to NATO’s war in the East.
“To state that the British governments plea to Ofcom had no bearing on their decision is frankly ridiculous and will not be taken seriously by mature people”.
He concluded
“We are now in a situation where society is actually debating the merits of Nuclear war and destruction, without being allowed to hear both sides of the story. The courts have themselves to thank for this bizarre situation”.