Belfast IRSP slam PSNI double standard policing

The IRSP in Belfast note and condemn, the overt double standard actions of the PSNI, following last night’s (11th night) ‘policing’ operation in West Belfast.

IRSP activists were on the ground throughout the evening and into the early hours assisting residents in Clonard and engaging with youths on the Springfield Road. 

IRSP activists in Conway Street

Belfast IRSP spokesperson and Clonard resident Ciarán Cunningham has said, “A continuous stream of missiles and fireworks was directed at homes in the Conway Street area, in a sustained attack that continued for hours, seemingly unhindered from the Shankill side of the ‘peace wall’.

At around the same time there was a minor skirmish between youths and the PSNI on the Springfield Road that resulted in 2 young people being arrested.

IRSP Spokesperson Ciarán Cunningham

IRSP activists were at the scene and managed to calm the situation down while also persuading a number of young people to leave the area. There was a large PSNI presence on the Springfield Road for hours, engaging in a ‘cat and mouse’ game with the youths.

Ciarán Cunningham has went on to say, “Clonard residents are asking why there was no PSNI presence at the Cupar Street bonfire, which has proven to be a staging post for sectarian attacks on Catholic homes in previous years”

Fireworks directed at homes on Conway Street last night