IRSP Urge Bonfire Builders to take Responsibility

Last night, local IRSP activists were on the ground across Belfast monitoring the interface areas that were caught up in the annual eleventh night bonfire, and providing assistance to the local communities.

As was unfortunately expected, Nationalist homes in the Conway Street area came under sustained attack from the Lower Shankill bonfire site, mainly from fireworks but other missiles were also launched across the ‘peace wall’.

IRSP Lower Falls spokesperson Micheal Kelly who was there throughout the night has said, ‘’First of all, I would like to praise the Clonard community for not reacting to this provocation that they had to endure once again. The events that occured last night are completely unacceptable, and we urge those that organise the Lower Shankill bonfire and their community leaders that they have to take responsibility to ensure that Nationalist homes remain free from attack during the annual bonfire’’

IRSP Lower Falls spokesperson Micheál Kelly

IRSP activists were present until the early hours when the attacks stopped at around 2am

‘’The Lower Falls and Lower Shankill communities have suffered enough in recent years with the ongoing cripping Austerity measures, our residents should not have to also endure the fear of their homes coming under attack’’

Fireworks directed at homes in Clonard Street last night

It was duly noted that while these homes came under attack the PSNI were more interested in following and harassing our activists rather trying to put a stop to the attacks or help local residents.