British Intelligence Agencies, omnipresent gods of surveillance.



British Intelligence Agencies, omnipresent gods of surveillance.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party urges everyone to continue to remain aware of the activities of British Intelligence agencies operating in Ireland after a party member was approached to become a spy.

Michael McLaughlin of IRSP continues “There exists no form of communication or no single person that British Intelligence Agencies will not collect, monitor and store data on. From your social media, phone calls, text messages, emails to international espionage British Intelligence Agencies are one click away from accessing a portal into every aspect of anyone’s life anywhere and at anytime. That’s the dangerous reality of the world we live in.”

“This vast wealth of personal information will be used in any way British Intelligence sees fit. Personal profiles are created possible targets are identified and the establishments self serving agenda pushed at all times.”

“Irish republicans are no strangers to this surveillance and do not need reminded how this intelligence gathering will be used against us. Indentified targets are approached threatened with prison, harassment, death anything to trap them into betraying their family, friends and community.”

Mr McLaughlin explains the incident “One such incident took place at Belfast City Airport last week. An IRSP member was approached while getting of a flight from Glasgow by two plain clothed PSNI officers and hurried into a side room in the Airport. He was lead into a room where he was told his ID had to be checked and bags searched. On entering the room he was told that two people would like to speak to him. When the PSNI left the room two individuals entered and said “we believe you are in a unique position to help us”. After being challenged to identify themselves the two individuals replied they were “representatives of GCHQ” which stands for Government Communications Headquarters a senior British Intelligence Agency.  On hearing this the IRSP member immediately asked if he was under arrest and when he was told no he immediately left the room.”

Mr McLaughlin finishes “The IRSP member acted in the correct manner. He did not engage in conversation and left the situation immediately as your every word and action is analysed for signs of weakness.  He immediately contacted friends and the IRSP to inform them of the incident. This is how British Intelligence must be dealt with.”

“British intelligence in Ireland never sleeps and works hand in hand with the PSNI at every level. You are not obligated by any law to pass on information or to spy for them they cannot arrest or detain you. They may offer you a financial incentive to spy on your friends, family or community but history has shown once you fulfil their needs you are expendable.”

The IRSP urge all republicans, community workers, trade unionists, individuals to remain vigilant. If approached be transparent tell someone and everyone you are being targeted as it may continue if not exposed.

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