IRSCNA condemn the Ukrainian Fascist junta.




IRSCNA condemn the fascist junta

The IRSCNA condemn the repressive actions of the illegitimate fascist junta in Kiev and call for workers’ parties and organizations around the world to support Ukrainian working class resistance.

The heroic people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk are pushing ahead with referenda on independence in the next few days, despite the conditions of civil war there. They deserve the most decisive outpouring of international support.

The Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America especially condemn the despicable massacre of defenseless workers at the Odessa Trade Unions’ House and on the streets of Mariupol and call upon all progressives and socialists to do the same. The IRSCNA extend solidarity and condolences to the working class trade union brothers and sisters during this terrible time.

Within the Ukraine and surrounding nations, there has been an outpouring of grief and an increased desire to resist fascist aggression. The unprovoked slaughter of organized workers in Odessa and Mariupol has yet again demonstrated the vile, reactionary nature of the Kiev junta to the world. The world must intervene to protect the plight of ethnic Russians and other minorities, as well as the workers, progressives and communists in the Ukraine who are being preyed upon by the fascist junta in Kiev.

If the global community doesn’t force the fascists to cease all attacks, it is likely Russia will be drawn into conflict with the Kiev junta. From there, a catastrophic war between Russia and the imperialist nations could easily follow.

Irish Republicans in particular should speak up for the rights of the ethnic Russians and the Crimean people. Republicans must look at the implications of the imperialist position on Crimea: the imperialists are attempting to establish the principle that people in undemocratically partitioned regions do not have the right to reunify their country, even if they faithfully follow the procedures of democratic referenda.

The separation of Crimea from Russia was a bureaucratic decision made over the heads of the inhabitants. They have every right to escape an undemocratic junta installed by a coup with fascist elements at its core, a regime determined to push through ruinous austerity measures that will destroy the lives of the working class population.

Victory to the working class resistance to the fascist junta!