Drop The Rents – Local Landlord Begins Eviction Threats

It’s unfortunate but following the letter sent to BD Properties by the IRSP last week stating that the Beechmount tenants affected by this proposed rent increase cant afford it and in turn asking him to reconsider the increase, yesterday the landlord and local businessman has sent the tenants the following hard hitting email

While we cannot advise these tenants to not pay the increase, we have informed them and will also be informing Brendan that in the event they choose not to pay the increase, we will not allow him to evict these families from their homes.

A rent increase at any time is a disgrace, but particularly bad at this time considering the economic effects of covid plus the all time low interest/mortgage rates.

These slumlords continue to take advantage of our most vulnerable, exploited the lack of social housing to raise rents due to supply/demand.

The IRSP will always defend our most vulnerable and will not permit families thrown onto the streets by profiteering landlords.

We again demand that landlords drop their rents to LHA levels.

Letter Received by Tenants

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