The IRSP in Limerick cast a critical and watchful eye on the emerging rabble of far-right conspirators in Ireland.

As we see an increase, and on a regular basis, of bizarre anti-mask and anti lockdown protests, the people of the entire island of Ireland need to realise that these protests and their organisers have been heavily infiltrated by far-right groups. Protest that defy logic, perceiving themselves as of benefit to this island of ours, while alarming many ordinary people and the frontline workers who have up to now been keeping the virus at bay.

Ireland is the only country in the Western sphere of influence without an established far-right or neo fascist movement and the last European country to have a far right grouping of any significant influence over its fellow countrymen and women. Their current tactic involves deceiving honest people, by feigning being patriotic to Ireland, thus blindfolding people of their true self-interested megalomania. Their false propaganda and misinformation is itself a disease spreading across the country. It is nothing, but an insult to all our essential workers and frontline staff who have sacrificed so much during one of the most damaging crises our people have faced in recent memory.

People have lost income, livelihoods, businesses and many loved ones since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. Our willingness and uttermost strength to stand together as a people has prevented further damage to our society. As we enter a critical point in supressing the covid outbreak, we need to stand as one to suppress the emergence of far-right groups such as these. The Yellow Vests Ireland, Irish Freedom Party, The National Party, Síol na hÉireann and so-called Irish Patriots offer nothing only a mixture of misguided hate and confusion to the people of Ireland.

We are all, as a people, about to enter an unpredictable stage of renewed austerity. As history has shown us, it has always been the working class of society who have suffered the most during economic recession. With this economic attack on the working class looming large on the horizon – we will not and can not allow the far-right to establish a foothold within the 32 counties of Ireland. They have never had working class interests at heart. The working class have held Ireland together in recent months and will continue to face down any threats to our nation. The guiding influence of dark money from right-wing fanatics in the USA and the advice and mentoring coming from the elite of British fascism – through the collaboration with Britain First’s Jim Dowson and the BNP’s Nick Griffin – has also well been noted.

We will not allow our country to be led to ruin by far-right fanatics or by selfish capitalists who often work in conjunction with them. A workers Republic is within our grasp as long as we unite as one in our sacrifices and ambitions. The Irish working class never has, and never will have any allegiance to vile far-right politics and fascism – neither foreign nor domestic.

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