DSD “You need to tell us” campaign is an attack on working class communities.



The recent campaign, launched by Stormont’s Department for Social Development, calling blatantly for people to inform on benefits claimants, is an appalling indictment on the failure of that institution to create a decent society, and a feeble attempt to divert attention from the savage and unfair cutbacks which working class people are facing into.

Sean Carlin of the Irish Republican Socialist party continues “The crass nature of the message contained in this publicity campaign, is further proof (if any more were needed) that the Stormont government is being led by the nose by a hypocritical Tory government, doing the bidding of their Millionaire allies who seek to dodge Billions in Corporation Tax a year, while pointing a disapproving finger at poor and vulnerable families trying to keep their heads above water.”

Mr Carlin said “Throughout the course of Irish history, Informers have been castigated as morally bankrupt and belonging to the lowest rungs of our society.  At a time in which families are facing into desperate hardship and are forced into desperate measures, the practice of Informing to the government should be as contemptible and condemnable to our communities as at any time in our past.

In recent days, one such poster calling on people to inform was erected on the International Wall on Belfast’s Falls Road, a space recognised as one in which activists express the best aspects of our radical and progressive past and present, in the form of slogans, paintings and murals.”

Mr Carlin finishes “The placing of such an appalling message at this junction was a snub to all right thinking people of west Belfast. We understand the frustration of such people, and call for these offensive posters to be removed immediately.”