IRSP support the ‘Craigavon Two’ song campaign.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party notes and applauds the ingenuity of the JFTC2 committee, and Revolutionary balladeer Pól Mac Adaim who together have released the song ‘Justice For the Craigavon Two’ in an attempt to raise awareness of the ongoing travesty which has seen two Innocent Working Class lads linger in Maghaberry prison for an action not of their making.

The case against Brendan McConville and John-Paul Wootton has been discredited to a point that no rational thinker can consider their imprisonment as any more than a politically motivated stitch up akin to that of the Guilford 4 and the Birmingham 6. The fact that a Diplock Court was so willing and able to imprison two men despite the absence of any credible evidence points to a desire within the British State in Ireland to persue a ‘pound of flesh’ strategy – gaoling perceived sympathisers in retaliation for actions of armed Republicans .
It is frightening that such a blatant miscarriage of Justice can be facilitated within a judicial system that claims to be accountable, open and transparent. Yet such incidents can only go unchecked for so long as the public turn a blind eye, and it is for this reason that the campaigns attempts to get Póls song into the mainstream charts is so commendable.

For his part, Pól Mac Adaim is an accomplished and talented singer songwriter with a long history of highlighting the plight of oppressed and exposing hypocrisy and injustice in the Irish political setup. His steadfast refusal to remain quiet on matters of principle has caused him no small degree of difficulty in the past, with many venues (loyal to the mainstream political setup) closing their doors to him in reaction to his perceived political stance. Nevertheless he always remained steadfast in his ideals.

He has also been a lifelong friend to the Republican Socialist Movement, spending much of his youth on the tedious journey to Portlaoise prison to visit relatives incarcerated for the cause of Republican Socialism.
This lifelong principled stance and the novel approach to raise the case of the Craigavon Two in the public eye deserve to be recognised. As such we would ask all members, supporters and the Republican Socialist base in general to get behind this campaign.

The song can be bought on I-Tunes by following the link below.

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