Free Georges Abdallah Now!

The Irish Republican Socialist Party held a protest in Belfast to call for the release of  Georges Abdallah.

Georges Abdallah is a Lebanese Communist fighter for Palestine, and one of the longest-held political prisoners in the world. Imprisoned in various French prisons for 32 years, Abdallah has dedicated his life to the freedom of the Palestinian and Lebanese people from occupation and oppression.

Sentenced to life imprisonment in France on 24 October 1987, Abdallah has been eligible for release under parole since 1999. Yet in a sharp departure from standard practice in the French judicial system, he has been refused parole and release to his home country of Lebanon, despite the request of the Lebanese government for his release.

Sean Carlin of the IRSP continues “Georges Abdallah was eligible for release in 1999. We take this opportunity to reiterate calls for his immediate release and safe passage to Lebanon. Georges Abdallahs continued incarceration is proof enough that the oppressive forces he fought against decades ago still exist. The Palestinian people still suffer daily and the Zionist State continues to be backed by western imperialism we must highlight and opposed these injustices at every opportunity”.