Irish Solidarity for the Release of Georges Abdallah. Protest Belfast Intl Wall, Wed 24th, 7pm

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The IRSP will be holding a vigil at the International Wall in Belfast on Wednesday 24th of October, 7pm, calling for the freedom of Lebanese Communist George’s Abdallah from French internment.

Georges Abdallah is a Lebanese Communist fighter for Palestine, and one of the longest-held political prisoners in the world. Imprisoned in various French prisons for 32 years, Abdallah has dedicated his life to the freedom of the Palestinian and Lebanese people from occupation and oppression.

Sentenced to life imprisonment in France on 24 October 1987, Abdallah has been eligible for release under parole since 1999. Yet in a sharp departure from standard practice in the French judicial system, he has been refused parole and release to his home country of Lebanon, despite the request of the Lebanese government for his release.

Seán Carlin from the IRSP international department finishes “We are doing this in conjunction with our comrades around the world, in a week of events from the 17th to the 24th of October. Which will see activists descend on French embassies around the world and other government institutions, we call on Republican Socialists to join us in calling for his immediate release.”

The IRSP call for the immediate and unconditional release of our comrade George’s Abdallah we condemn the Zionist and imperialist pressure for his continued internment.