IRSP and RSYM hit the Streets in Belfast

The Irish Republican Socialist Party and the Republican Socialist Youth Movement has began its recruitment campaign in Belfast.
Activist’s from all local cumann in the recent week have distributed leaflet’s and erected poster’s in working class districts in the North, East, South and West areas of Belfast. This new campaign is aimed at those young and old who are interested in their community, class and the cause of Republican Socialism in Ireland.

”The Irish Republican Socialist Party exists to agitate, educate and organize within our class and to mobilize our fellow workers towards the objective of removing the Northern colonial
and Southern neo-colonial statelets on this island, thus ending imperialism and capitalism, and Establishing a 32 County Socialist Republic.”

”The Republican Socialist Youth Movement is a Working Class Revolutionary youth Organization, inspired by the teaching’s of James Connolly, Seamus Costello, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Our Goal is to educate, train and organize the youth of Ireland in the method’s of Republican Socialism.
Our Aim is the Establishment of a 32 County Socialist Republic.”

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