IRSP call on Dublin to reject FG/FF Cartel of Crisis.

The IRSP are reiterating calls for the working class people of Ireland to use their vote against against the political cartel of Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil.

Dozens of posters were erected across working class areas of Dublin on Monday evening by the IRSP as part of our ongoing campaign.

IRSP spokesperson Stephen Cummins has said, “the people of this country need to use their vote wisely and strategically, we need to utilise the electoral power we possess to undermine and bring down the current Government“

Stephen went on to say, “The IRSP is not an abstentionist party, we believe there is no parliamentary road to socialism. We are not participating in this General Election but we feel it is necessary for us to use our active presence in working class communities, to help inform them to vote towards a left wing candidate who has a strong possibility of being elected.”

Under successive, Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour governments, Ireland’s working class continue to suffer.

A rapidly increasing cost of living, the biggest housing and homeless crisis in our history, a growing healthcare crisis and little to zero future planning for Irish Unity or Environmental sustainability.

“Vote for candidates who are going to give the workers a tax break, while commit to making big business pay their share, candidates who will cut the USC and the cost of living,who will bring us vital social housing and put money and public services back into the hands of the workers.”

The IRSP will be campaigning within working class areas across the country in the coming days and weeks, right up to the election date, building the campaign to vote left.