IRSP representative for Derry, Colin McLaughlin has called on SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood to stop using the people of Derry for popularity politics and focus on helping them in this time of crisis.

It comes after Colum Eastwood called on an Oil Tanker berthed in Derry to be turned away and sent back to sea due to it carrying Russian originated oil to be used for home heating and diesel.

Colin has said, “The people of Derry are currently facing a cost of living crisis. People here cant afford to heat their homes, pay for food and pay their bills. Now is not the time to be playing political games with a vital oil supply and potentially creating a situation where the price of oil goes up even further.”

The British government have recently called on Russian ships and Russian oil to be turned away from “UK” ports due to their actions in Ukraine.

Colin went on, “The cost of living probably doesnt affect Colum with his £80,000 a year MP salary, but even small increases in price for heating pushes even more families already living on the bread line into crisis. He needs to stop using the people of Derry to appease his friends in London and act in the People’s best interests and not to try and win the Twitter popularity contest.”

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