The IRSP and RSYM attend an Anti-Imperialist youth symposium in Berlin at the weekend


The IRSP and RSYM attended an Anti-Imperialist youth symposium in Berlin at the weekend.
We would like to thank the organisers for inviting us, and for the hospitality shown by the individuals and groups involved.
Our members attended a day-long discussion at which the RSYM delivered an address outlining a brief history of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement and our struggle against imperialism in Ireland.
On the second day we attended a demonstration at the US embassy in Berlin at which the RSYM also delivered an address. We took a tour of key sites commemorating Socialists, and monuments commemorating Communist victories over fascism and Naziism, and finally we attended a performance by the Turkish Grup Yorum; a cultural group which is being persecuted in Turkey.

With the advancements of imperialism in the recent past, and the proliferation of fraudulent ‘anti-imperialist’ groups who emerge only in fair weather to leech from the history of actual revolutionaries, fabricate their past and distort the present, it has been greatly enthusing to see the determination of legitimate international movements which share our objectives.

We have built many links which we are sure will last into the future of our respective revolutions and our collective objectives.

Saoirse Go Deo!