IRSP call on Irish politicians to reject White House St Patricks Day Invite


The IRSP are calling on Irish political leaders who have been invited to the White House for the annual St Patricks day celebrations to send a strong message by rejecting the invites in solidarity with Palestine and ongoing actions of the US in supporting, funding and arming the genocide in Gaza.

Belfast representative Maria Quinn has said, “Without the ongoing US support, Israel would not be able to engage in their genocide of Gaza. The US are complicit in these zionist actions and Irish political leaders, especially those who consider themselves as pro-palestine and anti-imperialist such as Mary Lou McDonald must reject their invites as a strong show of solidarity for not only palestine but that US global actions are not acceptable.”

Yesterday, the US, Britain and their allies upped the ante in the region by bombing Ansar Allah in Yemen (Also known as Houthi) who have engaged in military support of Palestine by targeting vital Israeli shipping. 

Maria went on, “Last night’s actions orchestrated by the White House shows the lengths that US imperialism is willing to go to back their Israeli friends, the least we can do is send a message of rejection that these actions are unacceptable.”