The Freedom of Palestine means the complete defeat of israel


The IRSP unreservedly condemns the recent actions of the Zionist apartheid regime which calls itself ‘Israel’ against the people of Palestine.

‘Israel’ is clearly intent on annihilating the Palestinian people, as is recognised throughout the world. The very existence of ‘Israel’ is sustained by a life support machine comprised of NATO members and its allies, many of whom are even forced to criticise this toxic Zionist entity to their own populations. It is a universally despised entity by the working-class people of the world who can see through its false narrative and violent actions.

The IRSP has been consistent in relation to Ireland and international struggles, and our movement has a rich historical tradition of active involvement in the struggles in the Middle East and elsewhere. We stand by those principles today clearly advocating the right for the Palestinians and other peoples affected by Zionist aggression to engage in resistance.

It is clear that the Zionist project cannot exist peacefully without bringing war and misery. The only solution for freedom of the people of that region is the complete defeat and eradication of ‘Israel’ as a state. ‘Israel’ is not omnipotent or infallible and we remain confident in the knowledge that those carrying out today’s violence against the Palestinians will some day have to answer for their actions.