IRSP Condemn North Belfast Sectarian Motivated Housing Intimidation

North Belfast IRSP condemns the recent succession of sectarian intimidation inflicted upon 3 families who have been trying to move into a new social housing development in the North of the city.

The IRSP, with a non-sectarian and secular approach to politics, wish to state that the creed or race of the perpetrators and victims is of no real relevance to the reality of the situation. However, what is of relevance is the pertinent fact that this is a clear and blatant attack on all of the working class in the North of the City, specifically those who have been deprived, and subsequently granted adequate social housing this close to Christmas.

Moving into a new home, although stressful, should be an exciting and welcoming time for all the family, nobody has the right to deprive anyone of such a fundamental right; the IRSP believes that the right to a home is a fundamental human right that should be upheld at all costs.

In the midst of Tory austerity, there is a plethora of social issues that impacts everyone, as such there is common ground to be realised amongst the working class, this is something the mainstream parties tactfully forget while electioneering on the streets of North Belfast, all the while continuing to divide the working class.

Mainstream parties are guilty of allowing current fiscal policies to dictate a social epidemic including, but not limited to: severely inadequate housing developments, welfare rights, employment opportunities, mental health services and youth facilities and engagement.

We therefore mindfully ask for all to think carefully about who the real enemy is, and instead of engaging in pointless isolated bigotry, a collective anger should be harnessed and directed at the state and those who uphold it, and not at your neighbours.

Up the workers republic!