Life Threatening Housing Issue Finally Brought to Successful Conclusion

In Summer of this year North Belfast IRSP was contacted in relation to a serious housing issue in the Whitewell area of the city. This was one of the worst cases our activists had encountered, and in consideration of the children’s worsening lung issues, it was quickly apparent that Smart Move and the Housing Executive may have been criminally negligent in their dealings with the family.

IRSP Highlighted the case in August of this year

The youngest child, aged 3, was continually hospitalised with breathing issues due to the degree of damp infestation. In addition the building structure was not sound and the majority of the electrical appliances were faulty and dangerous. The extent of the damage was so bad, following our investigation we asked that the story be covered by the North Belfast News back in August.

Following intensive mediation with housing bodies, environmental health and the housing executive the IRSP are delighted to announce that by the end of September the family had been offered a new property in their area of choice. Over the last number of weeks the family have been making their new property a home, and the difference between the old property is striking. The family tell us that they have never been happier and healthier, and what makes this all the more special is that they can enjoy a family Christmas in a suitable, comfortable and healthy home.

The IRSP maintains that everyone has the right to a home that is equipped with an adequate level of comfort, and in this regard the housing executive and all its subsidiary bodies have failed lamentably.