IRSP Condemn Plans to Cut Minimum Wage

The Irish Republican Socialist Party have described proposals to cut the minimum-wage in the December budget as “utterly disgraceful” and have also expressed concern that such a move would add to Ireland‘s already critical levels of unemployment. The IRSP were responding to media reports that the minimum wage would be reduced to €7.65 an hour in the upcoming budget.

IRSP spokesperson Ross McNamee said:

“ To suggest that the minimum-wage should be touched is utterly disgraceful. As a result of this economic crisis the most vulnerable in Irish society have been hit extremely hard and it is already difficult enough to get by on the current minimum-wage. Many families are struggling and in the context of the billions of taxpayers money that has been thrown at a corrupt, reckless and failed banking system, such moves are exposed as being completely unnecessary and vindictive.”

McNamee continued:

“ A reduction in the minimum-wage is just a recipe for further unemployment. It will have a negative knock-on effect for the wider economy and many small businesses will face further hardship as a result of this. Attacking the most vulnerable in Irish society is not the solution to this crisis and neither is longer dole queues.

“ The reality is that although Fianna Fáil and the Greens leaving office is a positive thing, a general election will not solve Ireland’s problems. A Fine Gael and Labour coalition is no solution, we have already heard a certain Fine Gael TD also calling for the minimum-wage to be slashed. They represent more of the same. People need to take to the streets, to protest this budget, and bring about the changes to this country that are badly needed. For too long Ireland has pandered to the interests of big business, developers, financial speculators and failed banks. The Irish people need to reclaim this country.”