IRSP Support Students’ Protest at Queens University

Members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party were among the fifty students who took part in a protest earlier today at Queen’s University in Belfast.

The protest was organised to highlight issues around proposed higher fees and to show the inequality within universities.

Spokesperson for the IRSP, Chris Donnelly, who was part of the protest said, “We had no hesitation in taking part in the protest today at Queens. We believe we were absolutely right in highlighting the fact that whilst fees will rise to £9,000 per year the Chancellor of Queens has a £10,000 wine allowance. This is absolutely disgusting and further highlights the inequality of the present system.

He commented further, “We have a system in Queens in which the chancellor has special privileges, has that allowance for wine and wider than that with the proposed job losses we have absolutely no transparency in regards how the university is run financially. We are demanding real democratic change within this university. We are calling on more students to stand with us in our struggle to have these proposed fees scrapped. A united front can force the tory government to back down on these fees.