IRSP Condemns Latest Homophobic Attacks on Vulnerable North Belfast Man

The Irish Republican Socialist Party strongly condemns the latest homophobic attacks on North Belfast man, Paul Finlay-Dickson, forcing him to leave his home.  Paul lost his civil partner Maurice in January after a terminal illness.

IRSP spokesperson, Alex McGuigan, stated today that,

“the series of past attacks on Paul and even on his then dying partner are a crime against humanity and have no place in any modern society.  The IRSP has a proud record of supporting the rights of the LGBT community since it’s foundation over 40 years ago while other parties studiously ignored or worse, adopted reactionary positions towards LGBT peoples’ rights.”

The spokesperson continued,

“the clauses contained in the DUP’s so-called “Freedom of Conscience Bill” has sought to normalise and legalise homophobia in the 6 counties and seeks to de-humanise people based on their sexual orientation.  In reality, a party that seeks to legalise homophobia must accept that homophobic attacks are the natural progression.  It goes without saying that the IRSP views the so-called ‘Freedom of Conscience Bill” as a proposed charter for bigotry.”

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