IRSP Cork – Community Action Garden Clean-Up in Pearse Square, Ballyphehane.

Today members of the IRSP began a clean up of a derelict house in Ballyphehane, by Pearse Square in the centre of the neighbourhood. This action came about following discussion with local residents and businesses within the community who expressed concern about the property.

The house is privately owned and had been left idle for some time. The gardens became overgrown and the building itself was run down due to lack of maintenance. The city council was contacted a number times but no action was taken.

A number of our members based locally decided to take action in support of the wider community. They assembled today to cut down the overgrowth, clean the gardens and secure the windows which had recently been smashed. This action was well received by the local residents.

Dave O’Leary, local resident and IRSP activist on the ground who led today’s clean-up in Ballyphehane, said: “Derelict houses and buildings not only present an eyesore in vibrant communities but also attract anti-social elements which was the case with this house in Ballyphehane”.

The IRSP in Cork has consistently highlighted the neglect with which the city council top brass treats our city. The crumbling city centre is a tragedy waiting to happen and derelict buildings and houses litter working class communities on the southside and northside of the City.

Dave O’Leary finished by saying: “We call on the city council to take immediate steps to ensure the safety of the Cork public with the use of compulsory purchase legislation. Ballyphehane is a great example of the hard-working and industrious communities that exist in this city and we believe that they deserve better”.