IRSP in South Antrim label Tesco’s handling of Covid-19 case as Gross Negligence

The IRSP in South Antrim have raised serious concerns about the handling of a positive case of covid-19 within the Tesco workforce in Crumlin.

Following an employee testing positive, Tesco unlike a number of small businesses in the area have not taken appropriate action to deal with the case.

Customers have not been publicly informed about the case, nor have they taken action such as closing the store for a number of days for deep cleaning.

Worse still, employees while they were informed about the case were not advised to get tested nor have management took appropriate action in ensuring workers who were in close contact with the positive case are not allowed to return until tested.

Tesco have profited heavily from the Coronavirus outbreak and it seems they are still willing to put profit before the community and their employees.

The IRSP have today wrote a letter to the Health & Safety Executive in highlighted this gross negligence by the management of Tesco.

We hope the individual who has tested positive makes a full & speedy recovery and we commend the small businesses in the communioty that have put the community before profit and taken quick & appropriate action to help stop a potential local outbreak.