IRSP delegates attend mobilisations for independence and unity in Brittany and Catalyna.


As part of the YES For Unity campaign, IRSP activists attended popular mobilisations and held meetings with other European separatist socialist political forces.

Delegates travelled first to Brittany where the IRSP met with our comrades from Breizhistance, who are campaigning for independence and socialism. IRSP delegates toured Breton language centres and discussed the importance of building support for the language and the political struggle.

IRSP member CiarĂ¡n Cunningham took part in a public talk and debate, giving an analysis of the YES For Irish Unity campaign for a socialist united Ireland.

IRSP delegates then visited the Nantes City Hall to meet with Breizhistance elected representatives to call for the immediate release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, a Lebanese Communist activist interned in a French jail since 1984.

The IRSP then took part in the international contingent of the mass popular mobilisation in Nantes City centre for a referendum on unity and independence from France.

Our delegation then travelled to Catalyna to meet with our comrades from Candidatura d’Unitat Popular, CUP. CUP is a broad front of left-wing groupings with common goals of independence and socialism.

The IRSP then visited various popular mobilisations through-out the day including the occupation of the Barcelona Stock Exchange.


Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP gave interviews to local media and national TV3 public media outlets.



A meeting then took place in the CUP Head Quarters in Barcelona to officially open lines of communication and cooperation between the IRSP and CUP.