IRSP deliver over a 1000 copies of our Newsletter to New Lodge Residents

On Monday evening, the IRSP in North Belfast delivered over a 1000 copies of the Summer edition of our newsletter; The Worker’s Republic. 

IRSP Representative for North Belfast Tarlach Mac Dhónaill has said, “Over the last number of months, our activists in North Belfast have been working extremely hard, dealing with a number of community issues across the area. This newsletter is just a quick summary of what we have been up to, while also providing a good opportunity for residents to engage with us.”

The IRSP have delivered 1000s of copies across the city over the past few weeks, with more to be delivered to the Lower Falls over the coming days.

Tarlach Mac Dhónaill

Commenting on the recent story that Belfast City Council have spent £100,000 on parties in the past 5 years, despite residents being denied vital services due to funding constraints, Tarlach has said, “It is time these selfish elected representatives begin taking our communities seriously and stop taking us for granted.”