IRSP Face Down Fascist ‘Síol na hÉireann’ Thug in Cork resulting in Far Right threatening activist.

On Thursday last, in Cork city centre – a member of the IRSP in Cork was in the city on errands when he noticed an individual behaving aggressively toward a number of young people. The individual in question was attached to ‘Síol na hÉireann’ – a lunatic fascist fringe group lead by a delusional fanatic named Niall McConnell – which was holding a stall in the city.

The young people being accosted had attended to peacefully oppose Síol na hÉireann, and the man in question responded with serious threats of violence, including death threats. The IRSP member intervened, and faced the man down. He can be seen in the attached video threatening the IRSP member who maintained his composure and faced this character off.

This character is a reflection of what Síol na hÉireann, the Irish Freedom Party, the Irish Patriot Movement, the National Party, Yellow Vests Ireland, ‘Anti Corruption Ireland’ and the various other acronyms which make up the macabre spectacle of loyalist-linked Irish fascism have to offer.

These deluded fools would do well to remember that their actions will follow them long after the fervour of their misguided notions of growth have subsided and they wish to quietly skulk back into obscurity.

This Party, the Irish Republican Socialist Party, is almost half a century old. It has had its members harassed, intimidated, arrested, and imprisoned from the very first days of its founding. It has faced vicious state violence, state murder, death by starvation on hunger strike, and even the full force of Britain’s military machine combined with their loyalist death squads were not enough to deter our activism and fight for a Socialist Republic. Neither the Party collectively nor its members individually will be bowed or intimidated by anyone, let alone by an unhinged fool acting as a deranged enforcer for Ireland’s nascent far-right organisations.

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