Mainstream Political Parties, Media and Political commentators need to take responsibility!

IRSP activists in North Belfast maintain a continuing presence in the New Lodge this evening, but it must be noted that what we witnessed this afternoon and this evening cannot simply be blamed on the youth on either side of “the divide”

North Belfast IRSP spokesperson and local youth worker, Tarlach Mac Dhónaill has said, “What we have witnessed this evening is partly the consequence of weeks of political games and tension building by some mainstream political parties. These political games at the highest level have reactions at local level, and what we are seeing here tonight is that reaction”

While the situation is volatile, it remains relatively calm thanks to the quick engagement and de-escalation from our activists and other community & youth workers and also the youth themselves.

Tarlach went on to say, “People with influence, either in the mainstream media on social media or direct political influence need to realise that their political spin doctoring & commentating have repercussions, and these repercussions are directly felt by these interface working class communities on both sides and also by our young people who get caught up in these actions.

We ask these people to stop stirring up these childish political games and start helping to deliver real socio-economic change for these communities and these young people to help get them out of this constant cycle of violence.”

North Belfast Spokesperson & Local Youth Worker Tarlach Mac Dhónaill