IRSP Free Stephen Murney Protest, Strabane.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party held a white line protest on the Tyrone – Donegal border crossing at Strabane to highlight the continued political internment of Newry community activist and republican socialist Stephen Murney.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues. “As Stephen Murneys trial descends into farce it’s important that republicans, socialists and progressives continue to build the public’s awareness of his internment. The continued use of internment against activists who oppose the sectarian Stormont assembly and its MI5 inspired use of political policing is unjust and must be broken. A precedent must be set where republicans and socialists of all shades will no longer retreat behind our narrow party political affiliations as an excuse for inactivity on such important issues. Stephen Murneys internment has the potential to affect us all. We must be united in our opposition to it.”