End Political Internment. Free Stephen Murney.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party is calling for the immediate unconditional release of Newry community activist and republican socialist Stephen Murney. The continued political internment by remand of the Newry man has become a serious source of concern for the IRSP.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues “We need immediate public clarity on the intelligence links and internal briefings that exist between the OFM/DFM the PSNI and MI5 that identify people for political internment. This Troika of the occupation can no longer be let work hand in hand to suppress class conscious republican political opposition to the occupation and engineer religious extremism to ensure the continued existence of their regime. They will not tolerate non-sectarian opposition to Stormont they will meet political dissent to capitalism and the occupation with internment and physical force so republican socialists must unite to oppose these injustices”.

Mr McLaughlin continues “The use of criminalisation tactics to intern community activists and republican socialists is an injustice that must become our line in the sand. We all must continue our work in fighting for the rights of political prisoners but more importantly we must have collective dialogue to formulate a collective response”.

Mr McLaughlin finishes “The IRSP will be opposing political internment by highlighting its injustice and publically calling for Stephen Murneys release at a white line picket on the Tyrone-Donegal Border crossing between Strabane and Lifford on Saturday 25th of January at 3pm”.