IRSP help Defend Cork’s Revolutionary Legacy Against Fascists.

The IRSP in Cork stood today with the working class and fellow anti-racist & anti-fascist activists on Terrance MacSwiney Quay, outside Cork City Hall. The occasion was neither protest against the establishment and their anti-working class agenda nor commemoration of Cork’s patriotic Lord Mayors – Tom├ís McCurtain (Murdered by Black & Tans) and Terrence MacSwiney (Died on Hunger Strike in Brixton Prison).

The IRSP came onto the street today to oppose the far right’s attempt to organise a ‘Free Speech’ rally at Cork City Hall, beside the busts of Cork’s martyred revolutionary leaders. The IRSP see through Irelands nascent far right movement and its attempts to hide behind false banners such as ‘Free Speech’ – as they draw in confused and vulnerable members of the community to try and swell their ranks and give a perceived legitimacy to their scurrilous intentions.

The IRSP and others took and held the ground in front of the McCurtain and MacSwiney statues, denying the far right and their raggle-taggle band of boneheads to occupy the commemorative, symbolic, and living space of Irish revolutionaries. We recognise the co-operation among the Republican left in Cork today, and the wider working class anti-racist & anti-fascist activists in our city today also.

We know who the enemies of the working class are – Fascism is Capitalism’s insurance policy, we are not fooled. We will oppose the rise of fascism, like we oppose all enemies of the Irish and international working class.

Saoirse go deo!